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Post  Mean-Machine on Mon May 12, 2008 3:20 pm

Nickname (als die er is): Mean Machine
Country: Netherlands
Alignment (heel/face): Heel
Style (dirty/clean): Dirty
Lengte (CM): 187
Gewicht (KG): 119
Gimmick: Rebel
Entrance (bewegingen, vuurwerk etc): Lots of fire works, and he comes on with a lot of Boo sounds from the people in the crowd. He enjoys the boo-ing alot.
Entrance muziek: Hysteria from the band Muse.
Reaction to a won or lost match: If he wins he is messing with the crowd. Screaming i am the best. F*ck you. etc.
If he loses he gets mad. And attacks his opponent with everything he got.
Finishing Move: Bim Bam Boom (Pedigree)
Signature Move: Hulkamaniac Meltdown (samoan drop), Lucky Horseshoe (spinning heel kick) , Snoopy the dog (modified backbreaker)
Looks: Short hair, regular face, very muscled, Pants with on the side Mean Machine (printed in letters), he wears boots with on both boots printed an M (as in a Mean Machine)

Mean Machine Staging10
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