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Wrestler Name:Leon 'Lockdown' Heart

Face or Heel:A bit of a tweener, Leon is respected and lauded by the hardcore fans for his technical excellence and his unique amatuer/pro style, yet misunderstood by other elements of the crowd.


Weight:205 pounds

Appearance:Leon wears a dark blue wrestling outfit with a red heart on the chest, on his boots are the initials BW, in memory of his deceased mentor Bert Woods. Leon also comes to the ring with an amatuer style headguard on which was given to him by Bert
Leon has a slighter physique than most however he muscles are clearly defined thorugh hours of dedicated training.

Picture:Leon Heart 220052

Leon was born in London, England and comes from a strong amatuer wrestling background, where he was trained by former European champion Bert Woods. Bert died just hours before Leon won his first national title, Leon would later go on to win back to back amateur titles. With his parents and mentor now dead Leon had no reason to stay and left England for North America and the world of Pro-Wrestling.

Leon is a highly talanted wrestler but is only starting out in his carear, he has no other life, if he could he would wrestle everyday twice a day, he believes he must fight his way to the top to achive his goal of being the best, a defeat does not concern him he will just come back better and stronger.

Leon relentless desire to be the best is due to him wanting to make his deceased parents and mentor proud, this has on many times clouded his judgement as Leon belives that backing down from anyone is a slap in the face to his departed loved ones.

Leon is confident on the mic and in front of the cameras and an audience, although it has not always been that way, Leon soon learned that in the strange new world of Pro-Wrestling he had to make allowances to get to the top and although all Leon wants to do is wrestle he knows to do that he must make the best show he can.
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