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Post  brett the hitman hart on Sat May 17, 2008 8:19 pm

name:brett the hitman hart

face or heel:face
weight:234 lb
hight:6 ft 1
apperance: brett hart himself
loves to make a good entrance
dosnt care about the crowd
loves to show off
whines when he dosnt get what he wants
a very great wrestler
claims to be GEWs crown jewel
entrance theme:
attitude majoir attitude he only considers ppl his freind when there as good as he is wich is not often
he is a ladies man
likes motor cycles
and is man enough to wear pink inside the ring
but outside the ring he usualy wears a leather jacket and abercrombie jeans and his trade mark shirt
has an authority problem
likes to feud loves it actualy he likes to prove hes better than someone
not very interested in making friends but does have a few
brett the hitman hart
brett the hitman hart
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