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Mašaranduba Empty Mašaranduba

Post  Guest on Thu May 22, 2008 12:00 am

Wrestler Name: Mašaranduba
Face or Heel: Heel
Height: 5,9 ft (180cm)
Weight:241lb (90kg)
Appearance:A tall bald man, using tight black clothes. Apparently very strong, full of muscles. Always bearing chains and spikes in his clothes.

Description: Mašaranduba was a useless bastard who wanted nothing from life. At the age of 18, his father kicked him out home. Mašaranduba didn't have anything to work with.. actually he had nothing. Unable to find a job, he started stealing people, kidnaping, killing for money, and everything wrong someone can possibly do, he did. He was arrested when picked a fight against 3 cops, and killed them all. The SWAT team was called to capture him.
Put in a maximum security prison, he started training and fighting to survive there. In a few months he was considered the worst prisoner to ever walk in that place.
He made contacts in there, and found out there was a huge wrestling world, where he could beat people and get paid for that. To him, it was like heaven, getting money to do what he loved.
Mašaranduba then managed to break out prison, and since then, he's been in the wrestling.

Picture: Mašaranduba Macaranduba
Titantron Video (Optional):


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