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Post  El Lobo on Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:51 am

I just read Wrestlers PoV on the latest Grave Yard Wrestling, and figured since I have to much time to spend here and cares to much to add a few suggestions.

1) Proof reading, I'm certain a few out there is willing to do just that. Ridding those few typos etc will improve alot.

2) Story Line - This is a big thing, if a Story line exists it would improve the rp between the wrestlers. In Revenge, we have now the minor Feud between KOD and Revolution. But we still need some guidelines on where the GM and VGM wants the Story to go.

I am sure there are more, but on my way to work so I'll add more as it goes.
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Post  leon heart on Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:27 pm

I like the idea of the commentators, but we need more dialog, which could put over the matches and feuds in the GEW, also it would be nice to see more personality with the commentators, for instance....

X: "Welcome to the sold-out Death Valley Arena as we welcome you to another action packed edition of Graveyard Brawl, and have we got a show for you, let me just remind we are counting down the weeks to our second ever pay-per-view and there will be history ma......."

Y: "...Hold on one second there! before you carry on I wanna talk about the sickening injustice that occured last week!"

X: "What 'injustice' is that?"

Y: "You know full well what I am talking about you moron, the flagrant cheating from 47H and his cronies to become the first ever GEW Hardcore Champion!"

X: "Wait a minute, what did The Hangman expect It's a Hardcore Title! Anything goes!...and you call me a moron!...Like I was say...."

Y: "Hey you watch your mouth or me and you will have a little Hardcore match of our own"
X: "Wooah easy there Y, calm down big man, let just get on with the show, and like I was saying we are counting down the days to Royal Slaughter!, where for the first time all FOUR GEW Titles will be on the line!"

Y: "That's right X, and don't forget just announced the special 'Rumble in the Jungle matchup!"

X: "Who could forget that, we will give you more details on that later in the broadcast! anyway lets get on with tonights action, and looks whos coming down the ring with his brand new Hardcore belt..its 47H with the Kings of Domination"

Y: "I hope someone will kick their arse!"

X: "Lets head down to ringside"
leon heart
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