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Post  iron masked man on Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:19 am

wrestler name:Iron Masked Man
height:5 foot 10 inches
weight:165 pounds
from:london england
finishers:face plant,steel wrench,copper cracker
trademark moves:aluminium annhiliator,twisty spinny majig,iron insulater
GEW debut:2008 on draft show GYB
career highlights:first ever GEW tag team champion,first ever GYB roster member
affiliates:jonny mack,pavo,47H(as KoD)
rivals:the revelution members
most used phrase:can you handle IMM
titltron video:unknown yet will be updated

apperence:short,masked face,no top,reebok bottoms,long blonde hair,

desription:as a kid iron masked man loved wrestling his idol was the rock he always practised wrestling at school when he was old enough to practise wrestling he started he was a weak wrestler but his see made up for his strengh when he started he was not winning he started training a bit more he won his first match against his enemy from training one day he was training a bit more he looked at his mail he saw a letter from GEW and he rushed down to the GMs office and signs as quick as possible then started his career as a roster wrestler now he is still training one day he wishes to surpass his idol the rock he has a lot more training to go before his dream comes true
iron masked man
iron masked man

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