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Post  Razor King on Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:44 pm

* Be detailed in your roleplays please don't post a role play that says "I'm gonna to win!!"

Be creative the better the storylines you get yourself involved with lead to a better chance of getting yourself into a possible title situation.

Don't disrespect. Remember this is only a game and its ment for just having fun.

These are pretty basic rules.. but ill update them as we go on.. just have fun guys.. its what were here for Smile

DO NOT Role play as someone else. Role play as your own character

When you role play please put the show in which your role playing for in the topic title! FOR EXAMPLE In the topic Subject if your role playing for a Monday show.. your subject must be M - Title of your Topic here if you are role playing for wednesday show your subject will look like something like this W - Title of your topic

THERE WILL BE NO OUT OF ROLEPLAY COMMENTS ALLOWED... Roleplay section is strictly for roleplays..
No more *OUT OF RP* BLAH BLAH BLAH.. and if so.. i'm the only one allowed to do so... or the wrestlers currently role playing in the fed.
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