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In the Black Heart of Castle Empty In the Black Heart of Castle

Post  Castle Blackheart on Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:49 pm

In the black heart of Castle lays a traumatic event that caused him to not trust anyone except his 'princess' Annabella. A quiet man of few words most of the time as Annabella tends to speak for him (gives her something to do besides just stand there at ringside).
What could have happen to Castle some may ask? All started in college when he defended a young woman's honor only to be shun by the college. There was a young man who would not take no for an answer by a blonde young woman. He grabbed her and started to rip her clothes off until Castle was there to get the man off of her. Later, that same man died of an acute heart attack suffered by Castle's attack on his chest. During the trial, a couple stunning events happen. First the blonde woman would not testify. And secondly, Castle got off base on a secret deal from a secret college society. Rumors were that the man that attacked the woman was on the outs with the secret society and was on their 'hit' list. The society figured Castle did them a favor so they would do him a favor. The dean at the college though wanted Castle out of their college. That made Castle furious and did not trust anyone again.
Annabella was an A student at the same college. She was called 'weird' by a lot of the girls. Yet, they respected her mind. Annabella was also a good gymnastic athlete who knew the blonde woman who was attacked. Both were on the gymnastic team. A fight between the two lead to Annabella getting suspended from the team. Annabella met Castle as it was his last day at the college. She still attends the college whenever she can if she is not with Castle. But, she is no longer a gymnast.
The two developed a friendship and a hint of a romantic relationship can be faintly seen.

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