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Toki Wartooth!!!!!! Empty Toki Wartooth!!!!!!

Post  Toki Wartooth on Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:29 pm

Yo i'm Toki Wartooth as my name says tongue
I'm 270lbs and 6'11 but still pretty strong (strength)
I'm here to win and dominate and win titles also give people pain and suffering along the way Twisted Evil
My match of choice is the Steel Cage but will never back down from a hardcore or anything else
My Deth Bomb is pretty dangorus which dismantles many opponents also my Package Piledriver is deadly but I only use that if I want to let my opponent off easily and many people have fallen to my Arm Stretch (submission)
He may be big (and ugly lol) but he's good on the mic aslong as there is something to talk about he's up to it (good promo cutter)
All in all Toki is just here to Daminate, Win Titles and Give Out Pain!
Toki Wartooth
Toki Wartooth

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