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Post  Brujah on Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:04 am

[Modern North American society, a mix of cultures, classes, personalities; a place where angry men beat their wives, successful women run giant corporate entities & a teenager can become a millionaire in less then a year via the world wide web. Time has changed society by so much, but as the saying goes the more the world changes, the more it stays the least for some]

{{It was a dark and stormy evening, but the city was still full of life as people weíre rushing home from work. The camera pans a top of an old Victorian style church in the heart of a city. A figure sits upon the ledge of the church looking down upon the streets as the world moves around him. The camera pans in to see this dark figure cloaked in black as the rain runs from threads & then he begins to speak.}}

Brujah: Society changes with advancements in technology and advancements in the human mind. Overall the world becomes more accepting of new things and develops an acceptance for things that weíre once intolerable. But with these changes and advancements to a better world, many things become forgotten. For a world that once use to be filled with honor and respect our world has fallen into a state of disarray where people backstab with out respect and even sometimes without reason. People think of themselves first before giving their loyalties to their countries or faiths. I live in the world of yesterday only with no state, no devotion to call my own. Iím seemingly the last of my kind in a world plundered by the advancements of the tech age. I am a man of yesterday, I fight with honor but most men canít speak the sameÖmaybe thatís what separates them from the animals in this day and time, because at least most animals as ruthless and aggressive as they can be, still fight with honor. The same could be said for myself, Iím a ruthless fighter, one who wonít back down or give up by any means and its only a matter of time before those of Gallows find out what Iím really made of.

{{Fade to black.}}


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