The Most Versatile Wrestler in the Game

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The Most Versatile Wrestler in the Game Empty The Most Versatile Wrestler in the Game

Post  Guest on Wed Apr 30, 2008 7:39 pm

Highly trained in the military Bob "Omni" Roberts has spent his entire life dedicated to perfecting the martial arts.
No other wrestler has the dedication and perseverance that Omni has.......and few have developed their art to the extent that he has.
However one thing has continued to plague Omni since birth......he has never known his parents, and has no known family.....he was taken in by his trainer Cletus "Crusty" Roberts at a very young age and "Crusty" is the only "family" Omni has ever known.
In fact the very reason Omni got involved in Pro Wrestling is so he might find his true parents....he figured being in the public eyes could lead to him finding his far that has not happened.


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