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Post  Avric on Sat May 03, 2008 5:47 pm

Wrestler Name: Avric Arian
Face or Heel: Read Description
Height: 6' 10
Weight: 350lbs
Video/Song: His video, well he doesn't use one. Though he does come out to a song called Hallowed Be Thy Name created by Cradle of Filth. If you follow the lyrics, they are rather well said.


Appearance: Long dark hair goes all about his head, most of the time covering his face fully though stops just before chin level. One of the only visible features upon his face are his two cold eyes that match the color of icy blue water. His skin is a light tan though usually covered with a black cloak that matches even the darkest of skies. Once removed it leaves himself visible as he does before every match. Many scars cover his body though for the most part how they came about is unknown. He speaks very little about himself, though it is said he does open up to a few people when he is close enough. It's also noted that is the only way to see his face, for it is covered with a mask that has an inferno type touch upon it with red flames in the black background. His long dark hair only adds to the creepy image. Matching his mask is the rest of his outfit with black shoes, and the same fiery look placed upon his tights and long t-shirt. Both hands are taped and gloved as seen in most MMA competition.

Description:I could care less what you call me as long as you know what I've done and will do. The name given to me from my parents is Avric Arian, it's meaning I know not but once my career is done it will hold so much more. I serve no one, and those devoted to me never question my orders. For so long things will go this way that they no longer need to think, in fact they can forget how to think all together. It use to be that way for me at least. I served a man as one of his underlings on the street carrying out his -Divine Justice- never questioning his orders. Doing this for 2 years I nearly forgot how to think myself. Not that it bothered me, I didn't care either way. My only goal now is to continue to grow, developing my abilities in leading those under me, my skills in matches and of course, being able to see the light leave the eyes of my opposition. As long as I can get this done we shall continue to climb the ranks to one day achieve Gold.

Face, Heel, both mean very little to me. You may say I am in between, but that as well I don't care about. I'll do many things to get the job done, and get it out of the way quick. Even if I have to torture others to near insanity to gain what's needed, that would make everything evil worth doing. To see me is to see fear, to see my form of Justice. Keep a deep stare into my eyes, slowly allow my figure to envelop in your mind forever haunting you long after our fight so I can continue to send pain throughout you internally as I will do externally.

Current Task: My current goal is to assemble a group of talented individuals and train them as I once was. Follow orders as needed and forget how to think for themselves so they will be self sacrificial so I can gain what's needed to be done. Allow my manipulative ways to consume you so they may benefit me.. For once you join the ranks, I am the Dark God, and you are nothing more then a servant to the Regime. Only through success may you call yourself Nelo, and be put into position as an Oni or Angelos.

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