Gimmick Layout (Please Follow This Layout)

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Gimmick Layout (Please Follow This Layout)

Post  Razor King on Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:41 pm

Wrestler Name:
Face or Heel:
Titantron Video (Optional):

And if you want to add more information feel free to do so.

If you will not follow this layout, I will delete your gimmick!
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Re: Gimmick Layout (Please Follow This Layout)

Post  Kaluani on Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:40 am

Hi !

As most of you already figured out, all posted pictures and videos are used for every show in which you appear, so if you post pic/vid it helps to improve the shows a lot, so please invest the time and search for something !

I know it is sometimes annoying to find something that fits your thoughts, but it really is worth the work, since it will make your appearance at every show a lot better !
And hey, it's just cool to have trademark-video to use for RP.

If you really have no idea go to YouTube and try to search some of your favorite songs, there will be at least one video that should fit...

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