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Post  Paulley on Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:25 am

Wrestler Name: Paulley

Managed by: "British Business Consultant" (BBC) Richard Anthony

Face or Heel: Monster Heel

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 18st

Finisher and signature moves
  • P-bomb (Two-handed chokebomb)
  • Paullution (Running clothesline)
  • Paullverizer (Mounted punches)
  • Mat Sandwich (Big splash)
  • Mighty Magnum Driver (Samoan driver)
  • Modified Running Samoan Drop

Favorite Illegal Weapon: BBC often uses his cane to aid Paulley get the upperhand, while Paulley will use anything to get the job done.

A mountain of man, broad, thick skinned and thick set.. also a little thick, Paulley wears your standard wrestling trunks and boot. BBC Richard Anthony dresses in a well fitting suit with matching cane and bowler hat.

Description and history:
Accompanied at all times by his quick thinking, slick talking, proper English gentlemen manager the BBC Richard Anthony, Paulley was born an raised in the mountains in the east before being brought into the western world by the villainous Anthony to rain destruction to his enemies. Anthony has since been using Paulley as a money making tool and it has been a nice little earner.

Wrestling on the TWG circuit Paulley picked up several high profile and title wins while raising upto level 7. During this time Paulley formed a tag team with Leon Heart, a teaming that would see the pair pick up several lvl tag belts upto lvl 5.

After joining GEW, Paulley instantly made and impact wrestling the one half of the GEW tag team champions El Lobo to a draw on the June 26, 2008 edition of Devils Revenge, the fued between to two continued to escalate under the direction of BBC and is set to be settled in a Last Man Standing match sometime in the future. Paulley would also re team with Leon Heart within GEW, under the name A Very British Affair, the team one by judges decision in their first match together and would be placed in a #1 contenders match for a shot at the GEW tag titles.

BBC placed himself and Paulley between Kaluani and Jimmy Tesla's lightning issue which would see BBC and Paulley steal the pairs lightning gimmick, giving Paulley control over the fallen pair's totem. BBC would also enter Paulley in Kaluani's Elemental Tournament for a shot at Kaluani's GEW Intercontinental gold.

The Wrestling Game
  • TWG 7th Lvl Championship (3 times)
  • TWG 7th Lvl LMS Championship (4 times)
  • TWG 5th Lvl Championship (4 times)
  • TWG 4th Lvl Championship (4 times)
  • TWG 2nd Lvl Championship (2 times)
  • TWG 5th Lvl Tag Championship (35 times, with Leon Heart)
  • TWG 4th Lvl Tag Championship (17 times, with Leon Heart)
  • TWG 3rd Lvl Tag Championship (32 times, with Leon Heart)
  • TWG Wildfire 5 winner (2 times)

Picture:Paulley John_SteedPaulley 658_vldqbnofto_vlarge

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updated info.. and wrote a brief career history
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